Supply and Service of Advanced Treatment Septic System Products Across Ontario.

Cromar Septic Service and Maintenance

Peace of Mind


We pride ourselves in supplying the most advanced line of Sewage Treatment Systems in Ontario. We also provide the service and maintenance to keep your system running properly and trouble-free.



If you have a concern with your septic system, whether you have an advanced treatment septic system or a conventional septic tank and disposal bed, we can help. We not only understand the products we sell and are the best choice for service and repair on them, but we also have parts for septic tanks, pump tanks and access to anything you need when it comes to septic systems. 

Service/Maintenance Agreement


An ongoing Service and Maintenance Agreement is mandated in Ontario when any advanced treatment septic system is installed on a property. This requirement is included in Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code. Our Service and Maintenance Agreements allow our customers to meet this requirement, but more importantly by having us inspect their system on a regular basis we can keep it running properly and save them money in the long run.

Service and Maintenance Agreements

Pro-Pump Septic Rejuvenation


Adding our Pro-Pump Septic Saver products to your system maintains the micro-biology necessary to keep your system functioning properly for years. We import these unique products as they have been found to outperform any others on the market. We have used the Pro-Pump Bioremadiation Kits to restore failed disposal beds/fields on septic systems across Ontario. The biomatt that builds up in a disposal field naturally occurs over time, using Pro-Pump products has been found to rejuvenate the microbes and stop the "ponding or pooling" that happens above grade when the septic effluent can't flow down into the ground. 

Our Service Area


Cromar Advanced Systems is the Authorized Service and Maintenance Provider for all of our products across Ontario. Our service representatives are properly trained. Our database with over 1700 sites listed provides pertinent information on all the systems and prompts our service people to maintain a regular preventative maintenance schedule. 

Septic System Do's and Don'ts


Do have your tank pumped every 3 to 5 years by a quilified septic pumper. If you have an advanced treatment septic system, your service and maintenance provider will explain when it is time to pump and just as important what parts of your system require pumping. Sometimes it can be harmful to the treatment unit function to pump it out too often.

Do promptly repair leaky faucets and toilets.

Do divert roof drains and surface water from driveways and hillsides away from septic tanks and disposal beds.

Do use environmental and septic friendly cleaners and disinfectants in accordance with product labels.

Do learn the location of your septic tank(s) and disposal bed on your property.

Do plant grass over your disposal bed

and cut normally as you would the rest of your lawn.

Do call your Service Provider immediately if you have an alarm situation on any of the components of your system.

Don't drive or park over any part of your septic system.

Don't put excess amounts of cooking oil or grease down the drain and into your septic system.

Don't discharge water softener backflush into your septic system.

Don't use garbage disposals (garberators) unless your system has been designed to handle higher than average volume.

Don't put paint thinners, paint, gasoline, anti-freeze or other chemicals into your system.

Don't wait for signs of failure. Follow your Service Providers suggestion to maintain a healthy septic system.

Don't hesitate to contact your Service Provider if you have any alarm situation on any of the components of your system.